Giovanni Contardi | Full-Time Rubik's Cube Artist | Italy

Why Rubik's Cubes?

I've been competing in Rubik's Cubes competitions ever since I was 15 years old. There came a point when I wanted to use the methodical skills I learned for something more creative instead. I am now a full-time Rubik's Cube artist. 

How Long Does It Take?

From the initial concept to the finished, framed piece it takes weeks. I spent most of my time creating the design, most people believe it's an automatic process, but it's not. I enjoy spending countless hours working on just details.

Any Future Goals?

Simply put, my biggest aspiration is to show that anyone can be interested in Rubik's Cubes — contrary to popular belief. I hope my work inspires people to get out of their comfort zone and experiment with one for themselves.